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Initial Consultation - 1hour                                               $110.00

Subsequent appointments  -  30 minutes                            $72.00

A range of sessions, clinical, gym or home visits are available as well as small group sessions, pilates classes and many other services.  

Medicare rebates

If you have a referral from your doctor on a chronic disease management plan your initial appointment will be $120 with a medicare rebate of $56. Subsequent 30 minute appointments will be bulk-billed. 


Other considerations

  • DVA patients with a gold or white card require a doctor's referral (D904)

  • Patients with private health insurance should contact their insurer to ask about rebates

  • If you're on a Workers Compensation claim, you'll need written approval from the insurer for exercise physiology consults

  • Exercise physiology services attract GST - so you may have to pay this on top of your appointment fee.  Ask us when booking if you're not sure. 

All accounts are payable at the conclusion of the consult.                      

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