About Our Team

We love movement

Freedom Exercise is a small team of dedicated exercise physiologists and exercise scientists based in Denmark, WA. We work with all ages, stages and body types to get you moving, keep you moving, and make your movement even better. We pride ourselves on being flexible and creative in our approach to exercise and movement. We understand that some people love to exercise, some people hate it, but we all need to do it. Our goal is to help you to reach your exercise goals, whatever they are, in whatever way we can.

Our Story

Ruth started out as a sole exercise physiologist in Denmark in 2019, mainly working from the rec centre. She realised pretty quickly that there was more work than she could manage by herself.  So along came Jo to help with the paperwork (and then back she came a year later to help again after taking a break to get her Diploma of Remedial massage). Then finally, after a year working with Ruth as a student, Carol has joined us as a fully fledged AEP at the start of 2022. We have our lovely clinic, just off South Coast Hwy - next to the laundromat) and we are busier than ever. We work from the clinic, the rec centre and in your home, depending on what you need.  

Meet The Team